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[US6] Native Margot Vegan Mary Jane Flat - Black


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[US6] Native Margot Vegan Mary Jane Flat - Black

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Who doesn't love a comfy, form-fitting ballet slipper? No one. The answer is no one. The problem, however, is that they generally don't hold up well against the elements. Well, the good people at Native Shoes have officially solved that problem. Say hello to the Margot — with injection moulded EVA that dismisses dirt and moisture with an indifferent wave of the hand. Hand washable and odour-resistant with a sweet little elastic band that keeps little feet sealed in nice & snug.

A glittery mary-jane strap adds a bit of sparkle and provides a secure fit to a charming flat crafted from lightweight EVA, so you can toss it in the washing machine to banish the foot funk.

  • Slip-on style with elasticized mary-jane strap
  • PETA-certified vegan
  • EVA upper, lining and sole

The vision of Native Shoes is "Keep It Lite." The Vancouver, Canada, company believes that each wander can be made a wonder. Native Shoes are made from innovative materials including Liteknit fabric and injection-molded EVA foam, which comfortably molds to feet and is lightweight, washable and odor-resistant. Founded in 2009, Native Shoes is also "beast free"—not a hair nor hide of any animal anywhere is used in the creation of its shoes.