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Baby shoes are designed specifically for babies who are not yet walking. They are typically soft-soled and flexible, providing a bit of warmth and protection for a baby's feet without restricting movement or hindering development.

In European sizing, crib shoes for babies aged 0-12 months typically range from EU15 to EU19. In US equivalent sizing, this is roughly equivalent to US sizes 1-4.

You might find baby shoes in a variety of styles, from simple booties to more elaborate designs with patterns, appliques, or other embellishments. Many baby shoes have elasticized ankles or Velcro closures to help keep them securely on a baby's feet.

When choosing baby shoes, it's important to look for shoes that fit properly. Shoes that are too tight can restrict movement and interfere with development, while shoes that are too loose may fall off or create tripping hazards. It's a good idea to measure a baby's feet and consult sizing charts to ensure a proper fit.

Overall, a collection of baby shoes for babies aged 0-12 months is likely to focus on comfort, warmth, and ease of use. Shoes need to be soft and flexible, allowing for natural movement and development. At the same time, they need to stay securely on a baby's feet and provide a bit of warmth and protection.

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