GH Green Initiative

GH Green Initiative


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Happy Earth Week, everyone! 🌍🌱

GoodBuyAndHello is committed to promoting sustainable shopping practices. To encourage customers to continue to make second-hand purchases FIRST, we're introducing ‘GH GREEN INITIATIVE' that rewards their choices. ⁠

We’ve created an initiative that awards customers who have made a yearly minimum spent of $1,000+ (or 12 orders per year whichever comes first) with a 40% off all our products for the whole year! By encouraging customers to buy or rent second-hand first, we're not only promoting sustainability, but we're also instilling responsible shopping habits in our future generations. ⁠

⁠To celebrate this special occasion, we're giving away an amazing prize to TWO lucky winners! By leaving your honest feedback on our products and services, (or even a Google Review!) you'll be entered into our Earth Week draw explained below:⁠

The prize? A whole year of 40% off, back on gift card/voucher! That's right, every purchase for a full year will be discounted by 40% each time you purchase from Goodbuyandhello. Imagine that unique $100 designer dress you’ve been eyeing - now only $60 with $40 back on credit for next time. Next time rolls around you have $40 to spend! What outfit will you think of next? #superstarstatus⁠

To participate:⁠

  • Follow us @goodbuyandhello⁠ on Instagram/Facebook
  • Leave your honest feedback in the comments below⁠ [Anything you find challenging on our site? What can we improve on? What makes you abandon your cart?] *** If you prefer to share your feedback privately, shoot us a message or an email - your name will still be entered in the draw.⁠
  • Tag your friends for additional entries (one tag per comment)⁠
  • We'll select TWO winners at random and announce them on April 23rd, 2023.⁠


Thank you for supporting our sustainable mission and happy Earth Week! 🌱🌎⁠

⁠⁠The 40% off valid from April 24, 2023 - April 24, 2024 on all products, no exceptions.⁠

Let's make a difference together! Thank you for your continued support.⁠

⁠Let's work together to create a greener future for our kids. Thank you for supporting our mission and happy Earth Week!⁠

The GoodBuyAndHello Team 🛍️💚

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