Influencer Series - New Beginnings

Influencer Series - New Beginnings

We love stories. We particularly love to hear about how a piece of garment made its way into a family home. Every garment has a story. These stories bring joy and tears and good warm feeling around the heart. 

We find that fast fashion has forever changed what we value and how we love clothes. Clothes made cheaply are not valued or cherished and are easily disposed of. We'd like to bring back the joy and circularity of clothes.  

The point is not to shame those who choose fast fashion brands, we all have our reasons. We simply hope to educate and provide accessible, high quality, designer and small house brands, at an affordable price point - all in support of our main goal to re-use, practice sustainability and participate in circular fashion. 

Our consignor collaborations with families across the country touch on the unique relationships we all have with clothes. We hope to share these stories by launching what we call 'Influencer Series'. In this segment, we'll share stories of parents well respected in the social media space and their unique journeys to intentional living. 

We are interested in how and where they shop, what brands they choose and what happens to clothes that are outgrown. We cannot wait to share these wonderful stories of memories made that gave us all the feels!

If you think you are a good fit, please don't be shy - reach out! We'd love to connect and share your story and your little one's closet.   

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