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[US9, EU25] POM D'API Waff Papy Nubuck Petrol


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[US9, EU25] POM D'API Waff Papy Nubuck Petrol

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(foot length 15.3cm) - Excellent preloved condition

Waff Papy is a sandal designed for children, presented in a grey velvet leather version.

This shoe was made from quality materials : light and endowed with a flexible innersole for a natural rolling movement of the foot.

Easily adjustable and maintains the child’s ankle thanks to its self-grip strip.

  • - White light and flexible rubber sole
  • - leather lining
  • - Cemented construction

Since 1870, Pom D'api has designed and created quality shoes for children. Based in France, their meticulous production model results in shoes that are light and comfortable, but rigid enough to support the growth of little feet. The shoes are adapted to the needs of each stage of a child's growth.