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[9-12m] Stripe Cardi Grey Outfit


$45.00 Regular price $140.00

[9-12m] Stripe Cardi Grey Outfit


GH Resale Price: $56

BUNDLES PRICE: $45 (over 15% OFF)

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[9-12m] H&M Crisp White Collared Shirt

Retail Price: $18

(GH Resale Price: $6.99)

[6-12m] Baby Gap Stripe Cardigan

Retail Price: $44.95

(GH Resale Price: $15.99) 

[6-12m] Baby Gap Pull-on Grey Jeans BNWT

Retail Price: $45

(GH Resale Price: $19.99)

[US4/9-12m] Robeez Soft Soles Sneakers

Retail Price: $32

(GH Resale Price: $12.99)

** We understand your little one may wear a size of shoe that is different from what we offer: Please note you can select the outfit with or without shoes. If no shoes the total will be less for the amount for shoes.