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[3y] Tocoto Vintage Patterned Knit Jacket w/Tassel

Tocoto Vintage

$45.99 Regular price $136.00

[3y] Tocoto Vintage Patterned Knit Jacket w/Tassel

Retail Price: $136

Nice summer jacket with ethnic print. This cute jacket is also used as a cardigan. 

Gorgeous light, but will keep you warm, patterned jacket by Tocoto. The colours on this one will go with just about anything and will surely elevate your whole outfit!

Tocoto Vintage comes from the brand’s designer’s love for her children, her love for the sea, and her little island of Formentera. Romanticism and nostalgia have pushed her to recover old patterns and garments acquired in antique markets from her many travels. Finishes with a unique mime, dusty colors between the grays, taupes, old roses and blue. All wrapped in a harmonious combination of voiles, lace and above all, the very important and delicious mini jerseys with a vintage effect.