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[12m] Oeuf NYC Koala Hoodie - Ochre/White


$46.99 Regular price $120.00

[12m] Oeuf NYC Koala Hoodie - Ochre/White

Retail Price: $120

Tag says 12m but we feel it's much longer for a 12m size - It's generous in sizing. 

The Oeuf Koala Hoodie in Ocre and White is a cute hoodie with ears on the hood and little front pockets shaped like koala paws with an all over stripe. Colour: Ocre and White

Such a great piece! Comfy and versatile in neutral colours surely to complement all the items in their closet already. Cute cute too cute! High quality as expected from Oeuf NYC brand - This one looks like new. 

100% Cotton

All Oeuf clothes are made from 100% natural fibre and must be hand-washed only in cold water using a gentle detergent or shampoo. Lay the product flat, reshape to its original dimensions and allow it to dry naturally.

Oeuf is a Brooklyn, NY based company that evokes the image of simple, clean and intuitive design. Oeuf has teamed up with indigenous women in self-managed communities in Bolivia and Peru to create pieces like this one. In line with fair trade principles, Oeuf artisans are paid a living wage, which enables them to afford healthcare and education for their children.