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[18m] Treehouse by Anja Schwerbrock Romper

Treehouse by Anja Schwerbrock

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[18m] Treehouse by Anja Schwerbrock Romper

Retail Price: $120

This transitional piece is great for any season. It is unisex in its colour and design. Super soft, perfectly made for a lot of movement. There are snaps along diaper line. 

34% wool; 29% viscose; 19% polyamid; 14% angora; 4% elastane

Treehouse by anja schwerbrock is a baby and children's brand that brings a bit of the avant-garde to the playground. the collection is focused on wearable expressions filled with freedom and individuality. inspired by the world of ballet, circus and art, anja schwerbrock’s fashion transfers fantasy into a self-confident reality, expressing a charming magic, set in contrast to metropolitan life. treehouse is known for impeccable quality and super soft fabrics; her styles emanate lightness, pleasure and comfort through the chic and relaxed expression of her designs.